Roses Are Red, Violets are Blue, Don’t Let This Happen to You


Maya Radcliffe (12th), Reporter

It may be accounted as the most important part of a teenager’s life. Some are secure, eagerly awaiting their significant other to pop the question, and others cross their fingers and hope and pray that somebody worthy of saying yes to would ask. Juniors, seniors, and a few of those lucky sophomores and freshman think about it all year. Prom.


The season of promposals has begun- it is a time of celebration, of bitterness, and of anxiety for those poor souls who have to find the perfect way to get a date. Amidst the time of mayhem, I wish I could supply a certified advice list on “how to get ya boo,” however, I will not pretend to be versed in that field, and instead may point out a few promposals gone wrong, to show you what not to do.

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  1.  Okay, this may seem like common knowledge, but please, please, keep your clothes on. Do not threaten your date with PG-13 displays. It may seem funny at the time, but I am not sure that showcasing your birthday day suit is the best way to make a good impression on the parents (it actually may be your end). 
  2. Now this is just dangerous, not to mention stupid. Being confident that the answer you receive is going to be a yes is good but take some precautions and do not select anything permanent or painful, tattoos and sunburns included. You can show your devotion in other, less ridiculous ways.prom2.jpg
  3. Again, not gonna win over the folks with this one. Granted, it is “punny,” but safer to not objectify women, thanks.Image result for promposal fails
  4. Now, giving food to someone is never wrong, and this idea (whenever it originated) was not a bad idea, but it has been overdone to the max. A little originality can go a long way, they may even go to prom with you.
  5. A line must be drawn, when you are planning on how to go about it, ask yourself, is this too weird? If you have to think about it, then the answer is yes.  

    Whether prom season is your favorite time of the year or a dreaded era of coupley cooties, we all have to get through it together, we should make the best out of it! So make it great, do not take it too seriously, have fun and try not to make it too cringe-worthy.