Tricks Disappoints

Samantha Trout - Co-Editor-In-Chief

November 24, 2009

  Ellen Hopkins, a young adult fiction writer, has cranked out dozens of books for children and teenagers alike. Most of her books are about the “tough stuff”, covering topics such as religion, sex, drugs, mental illness,...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 improves on the original’s formula

Senior Staff Writer - Lukas Hibdon

November 23, 2009

  I recently played the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare days before the release of the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and I was viewing some statistics from the game. I was looking at the amount of kills I had and the...

Shway to the Music of Shwayze

Chris Moreno - Senior Staff Writer

November 4, 2009

Aaron Smith (a.k.a. Shwayze), is a new hip-hop rapper coming into the music world. He is not alone, though. Accompanying him on his tracks is the background singer, Cisco Adler. Together, they produce some of the best cross genre...

A Not So “Short” Tale

Tommy Moreno - Staff Writer

November 4, 2009

   I recently went to see the cinematic adventure, Shorts. This movie is rated PG, so it’s admitted to anyone.   The movie title, “Shorts” means a series of short scenes that are shuffled around. This is one of the e...

New Soundrack, New Moon

Jordan Garcia - Staff Writer

November 2, 2009

  One afternoon while I was stumbling around iTunes, I came upon The Twilight Saga: New Moon Official Soundtrack. As any curious person would, I listened to the previews hoping that I would enjoy it as much as I did Twilight...

Trick ‘R Treat

Nichole Rohani - Staff Writer

November 2, 2009

  The movie Trick ‘R Treat, directed by Michael Dougherty, is a very good Halloween movie. It’s not your typical “slasher” movie though. I am a huge fan of horror films but this was nice change.   The movie is told ...

Finding “The Way Through Doors”

Michelle Mata - Page Editor

October 19, 2009

  Once upon a time, I was lost in Stanislaus County Library. I was under the impression that interesting books existed in such an institution, but my search seemed to become increasingly futile. After scavenging the shelves for...

A Show to Sink Your Teeth Into

Jordan Garcia - Staff Writer

October 7, 2009

The CW bites into this fall season with the highly anticipated Vampire Diaries adding yet another vampire-themed TV show to America’s collection. I have no idea why vampires intrigue us so much, but The Vampire Diaries is g...

The New Career: A Scribblenaut

Lukas Hibdon - Senior Staff Writer

October 2, 2009

I first started playing Scribblenauts with high expectations. The hype surrounding this game was very high coming out after E3 (a game convention). The details that came in leading up to the release of Scribblenauts got me the most e...

A Gleeful Change in Television

Leanna Jasek-Rysdahl - Managing Editor

October 2, 2009

  Delight, pleasure, joy, elation, jubilation! These are synonyms for Glee, the new TV show on Fox. These words not only describe the show’s title, but also describe the atmosphere on the television series. There is a kind o...

No”body” Likes Jennifer’s Body

Lex McLeod - Staff Writer

October 2, 2009

One can go out on the street, and ask any guy—or girl—who the hottest female celebrity is, and just about all of them would say the same thing: Megan Fox. Megan Fox has quickly become America’s foxiest celebrity, and is m...

All About Steve: Sandra’s Worst

Lex McLeod - Staff Writer

October 2, 2009

     The year was 1997. Sandra Bullock was quickly becoming an A-list actress after starring in blockbuster hits such as Speed, While You Were Sleeping, and The Net. Rolling Stone magazine featured Bullock the cover, and tit...