Flapper Is a Success

Staff Writer Chelsea Coelho

May 1, 2009

  This year the Pitman Drama department put on a show with their new musical, Flapper! The entire play is based on the main character getting a very popular jewel called the “Ice Garden” that creates a brawl in New York....

HBO’s Grey Gardens Follows the Lives of Two Extraordinary Women

Co-Editor-in-Chief Justin Minor

April 30, 2009

  Few have fallen as far as ‘Big’ and ‘Little’ Edith Bouvier Beale, the aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy. HBO’s new drama ‘Grey Gardens’ chronicles the lives of these extraordinary women and their mysterious...

NEW on DVD – Slumdog Millionaire

Page Editor Sharon Kha

April 4, 2009

  Based on the novel by Vikas Swarup (Q & A), Slumdog Millionaire tells the story of a boy who faces hope, faith, despair, and love. The first time I heard of this movie was when my mom was lecturing on our need to see the movie as a family. ...

Showtime’s Latest Primetime Hit Shines Light on D.I.D.

Co-Editor-in-Chief Justin Minor

April 4, 2009

  In the spirit of such shows as Weeds and Dexter, Showtime continues its trade in dark humor and imagination to bring their new show, the United States of Tara, to life. Written by Diablo Cody (writer of Juno), the United States ...

Friday the 13th Redux is a Bloody Mess

Co-Editor-in-Chief Justin Minor

April 4, 2009

  Following the trend of remaking horror movies and screwing them up, Friday the 13th retells the already ridiculously retold tale of Jason Voorhees, a bona-fide serial killer/hockey star. While some horror movie remakes, like...

Hoobastank Brings The Reason to Life

Special Topics Editor Kelsey Martinez

April 4, 2009

  Hoobastank first originated in 1994 when three high school friends, singer Doug Robb, guitarist Dan Estrin, and drummer Chris Hesse, came together to create a rock band. Their most successful album is The Reason which went P...